BBQ Pork Sliders (1 Dozen Full, or 2 Dozen Half)
BBQ Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce on Slider Buns

BBQ Sweet Potato Sliders (1 Dozen Full, or 2 Dozen Half)
BBQ Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce on Slider Buns

Boxed Lunches
Each Boxed Lunch will include a cookie, an apple, a bag of Lays potato chips, and an option of a sandwich, garden salad, or veggie wrap.
$8 per lunch
15 person minimum order
5% discount for 100 or more boxes
10% discount for 150 or more

Brownies (20 Brownie Bites)
Decadent Chocolate Brownies (Contains Nuts)

Chicken Pesto Sandwich (18 Small Sandwiches)
Herb Roasted Chicken Tossed in Pesto Aioli on Italian Bread

Chips and Salsa (Serves 10 to 15)
Corn Tortilla Chips served with a fresh Pico De Gallo
Add Guacamole ............. $20

Chocolate Chip Cookies (20 Small Cookies)
Our Famous Dairy and Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Granola (1 lb. Serves 10)
Oats, Nuts, Dried Fruits, All Toasted Together With Maple.

Fruit Tray (Serves 10)
Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Grapes, Berries.
(Fruits used subject to change based on chef’s discretion based on quality and seasonality of produce available)

Muffins (2 Dozen)
Mini Muffins: Lemon Poppy Seed, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Coffee Cake

Pinwheels (Serves 16)
Flour Tortillas Filled with a Cream Cheese, Cheddar, and Herb Mix

Quiche (1 dozen)
Small Pastries Filled with Egg Custard, Cheddar Cheese and Fresh Herbs!

Veggies and Hummus (Serves 10 to 15)
Creamy Classic Hummus served with an Assortment of Fresh Veggies

Yogurt (1 Dozen)
Individual, Assorted Flavors of Yoplait Yogurt